Stretch Ceilings are perfect for all kinds of Swimming Pools and wet areas.

The product is unaffected by sulphur, moisture, chlorine and other corrosive elements. The Stretch Ceiling fabric is waterproof and once installed acts like a shield to protect the roof space and structure from any corrosive elements.

It is washable, non toxic and is 100% recyclable. As the Stretch Ceiling is a ‘soft’ surface this helps in improving acoustics within Pool Halls.

We are able to install all types of designs, even printed ceilings, fibre optic lighting with different colours and all available finishes. We can install within 20mm from the existing ceiling, making this the ideal material for quick and clean ceiling replacement or renovation with minimal ceiling height All our Stretch Ceilings are guaranteed for 10 years!

This is because we believe not only in the quality of the products we sell, but our superior installation methods